"Just wanted to take a minute to tell you what a great weekend of camps you put on.  Both my boys enjoyed every minute of it!  I also wanted to compliment your coaches on how good they are with the kids, especially with little guys like Fletch.  I'm pretty sure he felt like a rockstar leaving both days just because of how they interacted with him.  Thanks again!"

Lacy F.

"The four boys from Alliance thought it was a great camp and they learned new skills to take home & share with their team!"

John A.

"We were all so impressed with your players.  They were all so full of energy and such positivity with the boys.  Great role models.  They represented the program amazingly."

Jenni P.

"Coach Marcuzzo did a great job of teaching and communicating."

Matt M.

"The boys had  great time and it gives us lots of good stuff to carry into our season."


"The boys had an amazing time and it was an awesome experience for everyone!"

Kacey D.

"My son really enjoyed the camp in Utica, learned a lot and had a great time!!!"

Jen V.

"What an amazing camp and truly first class coaching staff!  Alex really enjoyed the facilities & chatting with the coaches."

Nick S.