Private Lessons

It is the policy of the Nebraska Baseball Academy to admit any and all qualified applicants without regard to disability, race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Because of NCAA bylaws, these private lessons are open only to 10-year olds through individuals currently in the eighth grade. NCAA bylaws state that "prospective student-athletes" shall include any individual who has started classes for the ninth grade and are prohibited from participating in private lessons.
Lessons will be 45-minutes and you will be required to sign up for a minimum of two (2) classes:
You will have the opportunity to select your instructor when registering.
Location:    Alex Gordon Training Complex at Haymarket Park (403 Line Drive Circle - Lincoln, NE)
Registration Fee: $50.00/class
(Online registration is not available for private lessons)
Printable Registration Form

SPECIAL NOTE: Everyone who attends a camp through the Nebraska Baseball Academy is required to submit a WAIVER.  The waiver does require a doctor's signature OR you can use a copy of a current school physical. We can't accept any school physicals that are dated more than a year from the camp date. Waivers will not be accepted on camp day!

Please call or e-mail Renee Brinkmann to confirm dates/times are available. She can be reached at 402-413-8881 or


Tanner Lubach

See STAFF page for bio 

Tanner is available for private catching or hitting lessons.
MARCH, 2019  
Monday, March 186:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Monday, March 187:30 - 8:15pmOPEN


Jeff Tezak

See STAFF page for bio

Jeff is available for private hitting, infield, or catching lessons or any combination.

FEBRUARY, 2019  
Wednesday, February 206:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, February 207:30 - 8:15pmOPEN
Thursday, February 214:30 - 5:15pmOPEN
Thursday, February 215:30 - 6:15pmFULL
Thursday, February 216:30 - 7:15pmFULL
Thursday, February 217:30 - 8:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, February 276:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, February 277:30 - 8:15pmOPEN
Thursday, February 284:30 - 5:15pmOPEN
Thursday, February 285:30 - 6:15pmOPEN
Thursday, February 286:30 - 7:15pmFULL
Thursday, February 287:30 - 8:15pmOPEN


Andrew Christensen

See for bio

Andrew is available for private pitching lessons.

FEBRUARY, 2019  
Wednesday, February 276:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, February 277:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
MARCH, 2019  
Wednesday, March 66:30 - 7:15pmFULL
Wednesday, March 67:15 - 8:00pmFULL
Tuesday, March 126:30 - 7:15pmFULL
Tuesday, March 127:15 - 8:00pmFULL
APRIL, 2019  
Monday, April 16:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Monday, April 17:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 36:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 37:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Monday, April 86:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Monday, April 87:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 106:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 107:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Monday, April 156:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Monday, April 157:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Monday, April 226:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Monday, April 227:15 - 8:00pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 246:30 - 7:15pmOPEN
Wednesday, April 247:15 - 8:00pmOPEN


Thad Weber

See STAFF page for bio
Thad is available for private pitching lessons.
*Thad is currently unavailable for private lessons.


Curtis Ledbetter

See STAFF page for bio

Curtis is available for private pitching, catching or hitting lessons.

*Curtis is currently unavailable for private lessons.


If it is necessary for you to cancel your camp registration, we ask that you do so at least 3 days prior to the camp date. If you cancel within this time frame, we will provide you with a 50% refund or a FULL credit voucher to use on a Nebraska Baseball Academy camp (expires after 1 year).  No partial refunds/credits will be offered once camp begins.