Monday Night Camp Series HITTING - #1906

Each week participants will be taught a series of drills & hitting philosophies used by Nebraska Baseball, with the goal of achieving more consistencies in their swing mechanics and creating more power at the plate.  Tees, flips, machines, and BP drills will be used at each camp.  Teaching plans and drill rotations will be a little different each month, keeping information fresh and interesting for the players!

SPECIAL NOTE: Everyone who attends a camp through the Nebraska Baseball Academy is required to submit a WAIVER. This waiver will be attached to the email confirmation you receive from the Nebraska Baseball Academy after you register for camp. The waiver does require a doctor's signature OR you can use a copy of a current school physical. We can't accept any school physicals that are dated more than a year from the camp date. Waivers will not be accepted on camp day!



Monday, March 4


06:30p to 08:30p


2nd Graders - 8th Graders